Awarded $14.8 Million U.S. Army Global Force Information Management System Contract will transform 14 legacy systems into a single intelligent automation platform providing real-time insights to Army senior leadership and combatant commanders

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- (NYSE: BBAI), a leader in AI-powered analytics and cyber engineering solutions, today announced that the United States Army has selected the Company as the sole source prime contractor for implementing the Global Force Information Management (GFIM) system in a 9-month contract valued at $14.8 million. The award builds on's previous work and successful delivery of the prototype platform developed during Phase 1 of the GFIM project.

Under the terms of the sole-source contract, Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) will join the team as a leading partner in implementing an enterprise-wide intelligent automation platform that provides the Army with a holistic view of its global force structure. The system empowers senior leaders and combatant commanders to man, equip, train, ready, and resource the Army more effectively. The end-state solution will transition 14 legacy systems into a single solution to provide real-time holistic data for up to 160,000 Army users, enabling risk-informed decision-making capabilities to support training and mission operations. and Palantir’s solution helps the Army address Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth’s objective to embrace emerging technologies and become more data-centric. In a February message to service members, Wormuth outlined how an integrated and data-driven approach will empower the Army to “become a more effective and efficient force” in the future.

"This contract supports the continuation of's efforts to deliver on the Secretary's goal of ensuring the Army embraces new technologies to become a more data-centric fighting force," said Ryan Legge, President, Analytics at "With's artificial intelligence capabilities, the Army can streamline processes and quickly make data-driven decisions on force structure, balance and readiness while bringing new levels of efficiency and confidence to every critical decision maker from senior leadership to combatant commanders."

By replacing aging legacy systems, automating manual processes for determining unit readiness, and generating and tracking actionable mission data, GFIM's new integrated cloud platform will significantly enhance the Army's Deploy to Redeploy and Retrograde (D2RR) end-to-end business processes as a single-entry point for force management activities.

“GFIM will radically transform and streamline the end-to-end business processes the Army uses to develop a future force and provide a current force,” said Lori Mongold, US Army GFIM Chief Management Officer. “By merging historically distinct, major processes into an automated standalone environment, we will establish a critical foundation for integrating the Business and Warfighting Mission Areas to drive our digital transformation forward.”

"We are proud to partner with the US Army and to deliver a best-of-breed solution for GFIM,” said Bryant Choung, SVP, Federal, Defense Technology at Palantir. “Providing this critical combination of leading defense technology will drive a competitive advantage for the Army as it modernizes the most critical infrastructure supporting force planning and readiness.”

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