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A leader in decision dominance for more than 20 years, operationalizes artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale through its end-to-end data analytics platform. The company uses its proprietary AI/ML technology to support its customers’ decision-making processes and deliver practical solutions that work in complex, realistic and imperfect data environments. brings context to the complex, sourcing more data and filling in the gaps to help form a full picture of the decision, not limited by a local field of view. With contextual reasoning and a multi-domain approach, our artificial intelligence finds breakthroughs where other models just find data. Where other models only look for answers, we look for better questions.

We deliver artificial intelligence designed to help you break through every barrier, wherever and whenever it arises.’s composable architecture swaps fragility for agility, trading the single-use nature of most AI projects for an enterprise-wide problem-solving tool.’s AI-powered platform solutions work together as often as they stand alone: Observe (data ingestion and conflation), Orient (composable machine learning at scale), and Dominate (visual anticipatory intelligence and optimization).

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