Addresses the Future of AI, Smart Factories, and Cyber Applications at Upcoming Healthcare, Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, and Space Industry Events experts discuss the need for trustworthy AI across multiple industries during WEBIT, AIM-AHEAD, and other events in Q3 2022.

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- (NYSE: BBAI), a leader in AI-powered analytics and cyber engineering solutions, will present on the future of AI at several upcoming industry events through Q3 2022. CEO Dr. Reggie Brothers will spotlight the potential for AI to promote health equity in the AIM-AHEAD Symposium’s keynote address, where he will lay out the company’s vision for trustworthy AI that can aid in ethical decision-making at every level. experts will also discuss how AI applications can mitigate bias and maintain data privacy, drawing on the company’s experience building trusted AI solutions in some of the most sensitive areas, including the healthcare, manufacturing, and defense sectors. In the federal arena, the company will highlight its cybersecurity capabilities at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium and AFCEA TechNet Augusta. In the commercial arena, will present at Autodesk University on the use of predictive simulation and digital twin technologies to optimize operations as manufacturers mature their smart factories.

AIM-AHEAD AI for Health Equity 2022 Symposium – AI in Healthcare
June 28-29, 2022: Virtual
In the Symposium’s opening keynote address, founder and CEO Dr. Reggie Brothers will share examples of bias in current AI implementations and lay out a vision for how the healthcare services industry can adopt trustworthy AI solutions that improve health equity in both access to care and quality of care. Dr. Brothers will draw from his experience to share the “guardrails” that will be critical to responsible AI adoption in the field, particularly the need for diversity in data sets used to train AI models.

WEBIT Summer Impact Forum - Responsible AI
June 28 - July 1, 2022: Sofia, Bulgaria, and Virtual
In a panel titled “Ethical Tech and Regulations,” Dr. Brothers will speak on data privacy issues and the push for policy at a national level that can regulate AI according to democratic values and ethical principles. Dr. Brothers will chart a path forward for AI implementation that benefits society while prioritizing privacy. The panel will be broadcast on June 29th, at 11:45 am Eastern.

Space and Missile Defense Symposium - Space and Cybersecurity
August 9-11, 2022: Huntsville, AL
As an exhibitor at the symposium, will demonstrate two space cyber resiliency solutions from its Innovation Lab: SpaceCREST, a partnership with Redwire Space’s ACORN-S that analyzes space platforms to identify vulnerabilities, and Mosaic, a cyber effects delivery platform designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

AFCEA TechNet Augusta – Space, AI, and Cybersecurity
August 15-18, 2022: Augusta, GA will showcase military and commercial cyber and engineering solutions as an exhibitor at AFCEA TechNet, including demonstrations of SpaceCREST for space platform vulnerability assessment, Dominate (TM) AI-powered decision intelligence software, and DevSecOps capabilities delivered by the company’s professional services organization.

Autodesk University – Manufacturing, AI, Digital Twins, and Smart Factories
September 27-29, 2022: New Orleans, LA will offer two classes during the Autodesk University event, spotlighting the company’s AI, simulation, and digital twin capabilities in manufacturing: “Discrete Event Simulation and its role in Integrated Factory Modeling” and “CAD Facilities Layouts can become enterprise decision-making tools.” With these classes and demonstrations, will help attendees understand how manufacturers can prepare for future smart factory trends and maximize workflows by modeling their processes.

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